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Meeting Minutes

Elmore County VOAD General Membership Meeting November 5, 2014 3:00 pm MINUTES

  1. Welcome and Introductions of Members - Judy Whidbee, Director, called the meeting to order and welcomed attendees.
  1. Review of the Minutes - Judy stated minutes from the Executive Committee meetings have been distributed quarterly to the general membership via email. 
  1. Old Business
  • Safer Places - Six organizations have been identified to serve as "Safer Places", sites for residents to go and seek a safe place from impending weather.  Eric Jones, EMA Director, added they are working on a website where people can find the closest safe place to where they reside.  The website will also indicate availability, whether or not pets are accepted, accessibility and other site-specific conditions.  Safer Places are not to be confused with shelters set up by the Red Cross.
  • Social Media - Judy continues to moderate the Elmore County VOAD Facebook page.  She reported the page increased in "likes" during the winter weather and recent severe weather threats.  She also reported the fact that Facebook has become a preferred method of communication and information for many in Elmore County.  The Elmore County VOAD website is also up and running and provides a wealth of information to share with the community:  www.voadelmorecounty.m.webs.com
  • Training - Judy continues to look for an entity that can facilitate case management training.  She reports her goal is to receive the training and then train others in Elmore County who commit to be case managers after a disaster.  Eric stated he requested the Rural Domestic Preparedness Organization look at offering case management training.  Judy also stated she would like to have a Volunteer Reception Center Training for those who wish to operate a VRC after a disaster.  Eric stated the Elmore County EMA office facilitates Volunteer Reception Center training.  Judy will put callout for volunteers who want to be trained via VOAD Members, Facebook and website.
  • Presentations - Judy has VOAD presentation to present to any group that is interested.  The presentation's focus is on what VOAD is and its role in disaster management.  It also presents areas where community members can volunteers with VOAD. 
  1.  New Business
  • Changes to By-Laws - Discussion to change by-laws from Executive Committee terms lasting 1 year to lasting up to 4 years.  Also discussed Deputy Director automatically assuming Directors position.  Angela Cardwell moved to amend by-laws to state the elections be held every two years, with no term limits. Dr. Jim Jeffers seconded.  Motion was voted and accepted unanimously.
  • Elections - Judy Whidbee was re-elected Director, Dr. Jim Jeffers re-elected Deputy Director, Jimmy Monk re-elected Treasurer, and Jo Ann Johnson re-elected Secretary.
  • Training for VOAD Members - Discussion ensued regarding a possible Tabletop Exercise to be held in the 1st Quarter of 2015.  Judy will coordinate exercise with Eric and added this might help build membership. Suggestion was made to get lunch donated by Wind Creek Hospitality.  Dr. Jeffers inquired about Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) involvement in VOAD.  Eric indicated VFD's are more first response and Incident Command.  Eric suggested Judy coordinate with a few people to determine objectives of a table top exercise to determine what do we want to measure or learn.
  • Standard Operation Guides - Judy has developed guides for unmet needs, donated good management, and VRC operations.
  • Items for discussion from Membership – HandsOn River Region Interim Executive Director Jo Ann Johnson reported they successfully renewed their Community Emergency Preparedness AmeriCorps Program.  AmeriCorps members are canvassing communities with disaster preparedness training and materials to help individuals with functional and access needs be better prepared.   This program is offered statewide.  If any organization, civic group, or church would be interested in a presentation, please call 264-3335 to get on the schedule.

Meeting adjourned at 4:15 pm

Elmore County VOAD Executive Committee Quarterly Meeting MINUTES  October 2, 2014

Judy Whidbee - Elmore County VOAD Executive Director

Dr. Jim Jeffers - Elmore County VOAD Deputy Director

Jimmy Monk - Elmore County VOAD Treasurer

Jo Ann Johnson - Elmore County VOAD Secretary

Judy Whidbee called the meeting to order at 3:00 pm.

Committee scheduled general membership meeting for November 5, 2014 at 3:00 at the old Elmore County Courthouse. Ideas for topics for the agenda should be sent to Judy. Committee reviewed Elmore County VOAD By-Laws that state terms of Executive Committee Officers are for one year. Discussed the possible challenges of continuity with such limits and agreed that a recommendation needs to be made from the committee to the general membership to change terms from one year to “up to four years”. This recommendation will be made at the next general membership meeting on November 5, 2014.

Dr. Jeffers announced that he would not be able to serve as Deputy Director for much longer as his house is on the market and he will be moving as soon as it sells. This vacancy will need to be filled as soon as possible. Anyone who is interested in serving as Deputy Director should

contact either Judy, Jimmy or Jo Ann as soon as possible.

Committee discussed the need to identify community members to serve on the Elmore County VOAD Executive Committee. Identification of individuals correlates with the amount of education and outreach being doing in the community in which Judy has been highly engaged.

Committee brainstormed additional ideas regarding outreach:

• Leadership Elmore County – Derek Blankenship (Board President) [email protected] Each Leadership class attends 9 All-Day educational sessions regarding Elmore County Issues – Education, Crime, Government, etc. Jo Ann suggested a session regarding disaster awareness and preparedness, to involve a general preparedness training, presentation by EMA and possible tour of new facility, role of government in disaster, etc.

• Judy will create a flyer regarding ICS training to distribute at the general membership meeting.

• Judy reviewed the Gmail account information and the fact that there are several documents pertaining to Elmore County VOAD information and outreach saved on the account’s Google Drive.

• Jimmy gave explanation regarding his involvement in the case management and management of donated goods process right after the April 2011 tornadoes. Judy requested this information be posted on the Google Drive for future use.

Judy led discussion and review of Standard Operation Guides she developed for Donated Goods, VRC Operations, and Unmet Needs. Committee agreed these documents should be adopted as written and placed in the Elmore County VOAD annex of the county’s Emergency Operation


Dr. Jim Jeffers requested to be added to the distribution email list for ALVOAD. Jo Ann statedshe would add his contact information to the list.

Meeting adjourned at 4:00pm



Elmore County VOAD Executive Committee Meeting MINUTES - July 2,2014


Judy Whidbee, Director

Jim Jeffers, Deputy Director

Jo Ann Johnson, Secretary

Jimmy Monk, Treasurer

Eric Jones, EMA Director

• Judy Whidbee, Elmore County VOAD Executive Director provided an update regarding VOAD disaster preparedness activities for the county.

• Judy and Eric Jones, Elmore County EMA director, have been working on the Safer Place program which will identify locations within the county that individuals can go to for shelter during tornadic activity or when seeking a Warmer or Cooler Place. Thus far 5 locations have been identified and they are working to develop Memorandums of Agreement (MAOs) with them to solidify the partnership.

• Judy reported the Coosada Baptist Church reported that they do not want to participate in the “Safer Place” program however, they are willing to provide a shelter for one night to individuals who are displaced due to fires, tornado, etc. Eric Jones will have further conversations with Coosada Baptist Church regarding the particulars of the program.

• Judy has created a presentation that she plans to use to educate the community on VOAD and how people can be plugged in with organizations responding to disasters.

! The following groups/organizations are already scheduled:

• St. James Baptist Church - Bobby Mays

• 1st Presbyterian Church Wetumpka

• Judy is seeking suggestions for more groups/organizations that she can talk to. The following groups were suggested:

! Wetumpka Lions Club

! Tallassee Ministerial Alliance - contact Mike McElroy - Church of Christ in East Tallassee

• If anyone knows of another organization that would like to learn more about VOAD they are asked to contact Judy at [email protected]

• Judy attended the ALVOAD meeting in March and reported that she is on the Training Committee for ALVOAD. This group is trying to establish recommended online training for beginner VOAD groups. Judy provided her recommendations to the ALVOAD for future review.

• Judy was able to attend the updated Volunteer and Donations Management Training in Clanton in July. Individuals associated with VOAD are encouraged to attend future classes.

• Judy and Eric Jones attended a course hosted by the Elmore County EMA Office entitled “Mobilizing Faith-Based Community Organizations in Preparing for Disasters” offered by The Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium. Several new faces to the community of VOAD were in attendance and this one-day class offered a wealth of information to all who attended.

• The National VOAD Conference in 2015 will be in New Orleans. Judy is uncertain on the exact date.

• Judy has made contact with Randy Burbank, UMCOR, seeking Case Management Training. Eric reported he is very concerned about the case

management issues Elmore County faces should another disaster occur. Judy says she'll make that her first priority.

• Eric reported that the Elmore County EMA would be offering IS 300 and 400 training in August and September. Anyone wishing to attend is asked to contact the EMA office to have his or her name placed on the list.

• Judy has a PowerPoint on the VOAD role in the EOC that she obtained from the Salvation Army. She will be sharing it with Eric to make sure it coincides with what his expectations of the VOAD are within the EOC setting.

• Eric gave briefing regarding the current EOC setup and the new building.

• Judy reported that she met Eileen Harris of Legal Services of Alabama at the ALVOAD meeting and learned about their services that can be provided after a disaster. Judy stated she will invite her to next meeting to come talk to group about their services.

• Group brainstormed more ideas for recruitment and discussed neighboring VOADS activities. Keeping people engaged.

Meeting adjourned at 4:05 pm.

NEXT MEETING: Executive Committee Meeting; September 25, 2014 – 3 PM.

Elmore County VOAD Meeting MINUTES January 23, 2014 3:00 pm


Judy Whidbee, Elmore County VOAD Director, called the meeting to order at 3:09, welcoming everyone in attendance.

Introduction of New members

Reginald Marshall – HandsOn River Region Community Emergency Preparedness Americorps Member

Jennifer Dvorak – RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program)

Rea Cord – Elmore County Humane Society

Introduction of Executive Committee

Judy Whidbee – Executive Director

Dr. Jim Jeffers – Deputy Director

Jo Ann Johnson – Secretary

Jimmy Monk - Treasurer


1. Update Names of organization/individuals

Members present reviewed their contact currently in the VOAD database containing member information to include home address and phone number as well as business information. The VOAD Executive Committee requests this information along with contact information for their

alternate in the event the primary member is directly affected by the disaster.


1. Success Story – Warming Stations during recent cold snap Judy reported the recent operation of the “Warming Stations” during the severe cold in early January was a success and provided a great opportunity for the VOAD and EMA to practice disaster coordination activities. EMA initially contacted Judy to discuss the idea of opening “warming stations” for people seeking relief and within 2 hours, churches in the county were on standby to be open 24 /7 for anyone needing warmth from the cold. Announcements were posted on EMA website and social media page for ELCOVOAD.

2. Need for Identification of teams/resources available

Judy stress again that it is very critical for the ELCOVOAD know who you are and who is the Point of Contact for your services will be. This information may be extremely vital in a crisis Elmore County VOAD Meeting situation and knowing ahead of a disaster will enable us to get the support necessary to the people in need.

3. “A Safer Place”

Judy led discussion regarding the VOAD’s needs to identify facilities in the county for use as “Safer Places” for people to go to prior to or during an emergency situation. These facilities are not to be confused with Red Cross shelters; they are simply facilities where people can go to be

safer during cold or extreme heat, pre-tornado weather, etc. The information regarding these facilities will be maintained on the EMA website and will be readily accessible for people to locate a facility near them. Eric Jones encouraged members to look at the information on www.shelteretowah.com to gain an understanding for what Elmore County is wanting to accomplish. If anyone knows of a facility that could serve in this capacity, please notify Judy at [email protected] or 312-4210.

4. Social Media (Facebook/Twitter) and websites and the Need to EDUCATE the community.

Members discussed ways to raise awareness of VOAD – Press releases and social media avenues were discussed. Eric Jones, Elmore County EMA Director, discussed the EMA’s new website and its capabilities to create links to VOAD activities and organizations. If you would like to see

certain topics or information on the EMA website, please contact Eric Jones. All of the venues of social media for Elmore County VOAD are completely operational and members are encouraged to visit the various sites and to share the information with the community.

o Gmail = ([email protected])

o Facebook = Elmore County VOAD

o Website = http://voadelmorecounty.webs.com

5. Upcoming Training Opportunity:

a. The Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium (RDPC) will be conducting free training on the subject “Mobilizing Faith Based Community Organizations in Preparing for Disasters” and the ELCOVOAD/Elmore County EMA have established a date for the training on March 8th, 2014. Please see attached overview of the course and notify Judy if you are interested in attending. This is an excellent opportunity to strengthen our

disaster response system for the citizens of Elmore County.

b. Training for Volunteer Reception Center (VRC): Elmore County VOAD would like to conduct training in 2014 to practice the set up and operations of a Volunteer Reception Center. Additionally, we want to identify individuals who would be willing to staff a VRC in times of disaster.

c. Training for Case Management: Elmore County VOAD is working with UMCOR to identify case management training opportunities for individuals wishing to serve as case managers or case workers after a disaster to aid in recovery efforts.

d. FEMA Online Training Opportunities: Members are encouraged to complete the following online training: IS 660 - Introduction to Public-Private Partnerships and IS 662- Improving Preparedness and resilience through public-private partnerships.

Meeting Adjourned at 4:12 pm